Cross Platform


Cook was designed to be cross platform from ground up. This means that all builtin rules should work on every supported platform. While the project is still in alpha phase, a lot of this already works. However, there is still some work to do, so you are invited to contribute.

The builtin C++ rules choose the appropriate compiler and its invocation without manual intervention by the user. For example: With most build systems, you have to activate the MSVC yourself by executing a certain batch script provided by Microsoft which sets everything up. However, Cook automatically searches for this, tries to find the newest MSVC version and extracts the information provided by this batch script. Additionally, libraries should be automatically discovered on every platform. The goal is that you do not have to worry about platform-specific details at all, unless you want to manually set specialized compiler flags the rules do not know about. By querying which compiler toolchain is being used, users can take care about this themselves as a last resort.


  • Cook automatically chooses the correct suffix depending on the toolchain, which means you get .exe Windows executables and .so or .dll shared libraries depending on the platform.
  • It also takes care of most compiler flags, setting up appropriate warning flags, -Wall or /W4, link and debug flags.
  • Using the builtin compiler include reporting, which is /showIncludes for MSVC and -MD otherwise, it automatically detects used includes and rebuilds accordingly.